Tuesday, August 11, 2009

10 days and counting

We are getting close to our due date (Aug 21). We've had a few scares, but God has been faithful to take care of our baby girl. I was put back on bedrest for a few weeks, but when I reached 37 weeks, the doctor took me off again. Thanks for all your notes asking how we've been doing. It seems to have been one adjustment after another.

I had a shirt made that pretty much sums up how I feel about this pregnancy and baby. It hasn't been easy, even now, to trust that everything is going to be OK. This past week, they performed a non stress test on the baby and the monitors weren't looking so good. The nurses faces, silence and reactions instantly brought back memories of my devastating appointment last summer. Once again I was alone and afraid of what they were going to tell me.

But I know that this baby's life, just like my other two girls', is completely in His hands. God has formed them and made each of them unique. And that brings me great comfort.

On a lighter note, we still have not decided on a name. We are taking a list of about 20 to the hospital with us. My personality likes to have everything ready, in order and planned, so this is a strange feeling for me. The other girls' names hold such perfect meanings for them as individuals, so it puts a little extra pressure to find just the right name for our next baby girl. My sister Elizabeth helped me put this in a photo. :)

In spurts I've been able to work on the nursery. I wanted to brighten it up a little, since we had a couple of bare walls. I drew up a topiary tree and a shelf-like branch that Troy cut out of wood. I finally finished painting them and he hung everything up for me.

So that's all of our news for now. I haven't checked in much lately, and just found out that I lost all the blogs I'd been following. So I'm off to rectify that the best I can.


Amy W said...

So good to hear from you again! August 21st is my husband's birthday, and the 22nd is our anniversary, so either day sounds good to me. :) I'm sure you will come up with the perfect name at the perfect time. I'm a planner too, but we didn't name our youngest until 3 hours before she was born. It will work out!

Melanie said...

So great to get an update from you. I had just dropped by over the weekend to see how things were going, so I was anxious to read tonight when I saw your post show up in my reader.

I will continue to pray for your sweet little girl as she prepares to enter this world. And, for her special family that is waiting for her to make that grand entrance.

Love the artwork you did for her room, too. So creative!

Julie said...

The room is beautiful,Rebecca! I think I mentioned Chloe but I also love Sophia with your girls names! We thought of both of those for Drew if he turned out to be a girl. I am so happy to hear an update from you and will continue to keep you in my prayers...I know exactly what you are feeling. I felt such anxiety even with Drew and the Lord was always my rock as He continues to be for you.

Praying for a healthy happy delivery & baby!


OilGirl said...

Hi Rebecca,
What a journey for you this past year! Can you believe we met a year ago online this month, on the 26th to be exact! :) You have blessed me greatly by sharing your life struggles and expressing your faith. I am looking forward to meeting your new little girl, another precious gift from above.

The post it belly photo is great!!
Your sister in Christ, Jen

Amanda Hoyt said...

Hi Rebecca,
It's so good to hear from you and know that all is going well. I have been praying for you each and everyday. Your nursery looks so sweet and the names you have picked out are lovely. I am sure once you see Baby Girl you will know her name instantly :)
Many hugs and prayers,

Hear My Cry said...

It's so wonderful to read an update! I so love the shirt that you had made, your belly is so beautiful. Keeping you in prayers sweet friend, thanks for stopping by my place during this exciting but trying time. Hugs