Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Another Great Report!

Today was my "graduation day" ultrasound, according to the doctor. It went great, although not so much at first. The ultrasound tech asked my permission to allow an ultrasound machine representative in the room in order to teach her how to better use the new 4D machine (which is now literally no bigger than a laptop!).

I didn't have a problem with that, but I was anticipating a lot of technical mumbo-jumbo. And after what happened last time, I did have the forethought to ask if I could see the heartbeat first, so I wouldn't be watching the screen and wondering if the baby was OK. Being unfamiliar with the equipment, it took her well over a minute to get the heartbeat. At first we even got audio that sounded like a loud whooshing sound, absent of the familiar, rapid duh-dump, duh-dump I was listening for. It took so long that I finally prayed out loud, Please God not again! The doctor came in at that point, took a look at my face and asked what was the matter. I told him these ultrasounds had me so scared that we wouldn't find a heartbeat again. He found it right away and made sure I saw and heard a decent heartbeat. I was a little shook up, so he forced me to crack a smile before they would continue.

We found that the previa HAS grown upward. Praise God! What an answer to prayer. He had a hard time determining if there was still a very slight previa left or if it would now be considered a low-lying placenta (which is a step up). He finally called it low-lying, as he wants me to move on to my regular OB and that way I won't be considered high risk. So I won't need extra appointments with a perinatologist! Yay!

The placental tear is still there and is the same size. I thought that was good news until he started to lecture me about not being worried. So I asked if it was supposed to heal. And he said usually they do, but mine isn't. He assured me it is nothing to worry about, but I do have to stick with my physical limitations (ie, no lifting, bending, exercise, etc). Apparently, using abdominal muscles can strain the area and cause the tear to get bigger.

Again, the baby is measuring right on track, which means the baby is still getting enough nutrition despite my morning-day-and-night sickness and in spite of the tear.

After the doctor left, the tech and rep continued to work on the settings of the machine, and I was blessed to get to watch multiple 3D videos. (I felt like God gave me that little gift to help me get over my earlier scare.) It was so amazing to see the baby move in real time in such detail.

So all in all, a great report! I want to thank you for your many prayers and encouraging notes. The past couple months have been a struggle, learning to wait on God and trust Him in a deeper way. Even through bedrest, I feel like I have learned so much and God has been faithful to provide in every way.

I posted one of the videos here. As you can tell, the tech was working on seeing the baby from different angles. In the middle, the baby turns its bottom towards the camera and you can see the little rear end briefly. Towards the end, the baby arches it's back just like a newborn. Amazing to have a little peek into the miracle God is creating.


Abbie said...

Beautiful video! I'm so happy for you. I will definitely be praying for that tear to heal and that this baby will keep growing big and strong!

Jenileigh said...

This is just gorgeous! Hallelujah! I give God all the praise, honor and glory! Thank-you Father!!!!Praise you Lord Jesus!!!!

lori said...

I'm just getting around!! OH MY...WHAT A PRAISE REPORT you have here!!! Praying and praying...just this morning you came into my mind...randomly...

HE IS BEAUTIFUL already!! Praying constantly!!

just looking at that pic of the girls would make anyone SMILE!!


Abbie said...


Thank you for your sweet, thoughtful comment. Somehow, I feel a little bit better knowing that there are women out there who are sharing my feelings.

I know what you mean about needing to honor your baby's life. I determined that I am not going to take a moment of my future children's lives for granted, in honor of Max. You never know how long God is going to allow you to have someone, even a healthy child or adult can be gone in the blink of an eye.

Anyway, I am praying for your newest little one so often. I hope he or she is staying healthy and growing strong, and that God will allow you to have many happy years with him or her!