Friday, January 9, 2009

Essential Oils Giveaway

(Artwork designed by Lori at I will take it Lord, all you have to give.)

When the girls had their MRSA ordeal this summer, I "stumbled upon" Jen and her amazing resource of essential oils. I had heard of oils before but was uncertain how to really use them in our everyday life.

The more we researched and begged God for direction during that scary time, the more I kept reading about the effectiveness of essential oils against MRSA (a potentially life-threatening antibiotic resistant staph infection) and other drug-resistant strains of infection.

Oils for Wellness happened to have a giveaway posted through CWO and I got in touch with her. She not only sent me samples to try (since Madeline is allergic to most everything), so I wouldn't have to buy something we couldn't use, but she sent emails everytime she found something that was useful for our situation. She became an excellent resource.

I credit those essential oils with clearing up the stubborn and resistant infections that invaded Madeline's system. She was too allergic to handle the antibiotics, so we ended up using the oils long term. Eventually, we didn't need them anymore.

Jen is having another giveaway on her site. This is for an aromatherapy sampler of 9 essential oils! I just ordered this set last month and it worked wonders on calming Olivia down before bed time and relieving pain my husband was having from his accident.

Simply leave a comment to be entered. Random drawing is on Jan 31. There are only a few comments today, so your chances are good. This is a wonderful, practical resource! Head on over....


Sarah said...

My FIL contracted MRSA this past year when he was in the hospital for pneumonia. It was also in his eye and he's lost most of his vision in it.

I can't imagine your stress with your kids having it!

Headed over to check out the oils...

Visiting you from Life by the Handful. :)

Amydeanne said...

Great post! I love the illustration of this.. it just makes me think!

re: your post above about pregnancy -- after losing 3 babies.. I had a hard time "getting attached" so I'll be praying, as I know those emotions and anguish..

Chi said...

Wow, they really helped with the infection?! I would LOVE to check these oils out :) Thanks for the giveaway :)


googler said...
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