Sunday, January 4, 2009

....What She Said

Last month was a doozy. So many things happened at once, I wasn't sure if I should laugh or cry myself into hysterics. (And I didn't even tell you the one about the "lady" at my husband's work party, who obviously didn't see me with my hands full of children at the buffet trying to stick their hands in the food warmer burners or snatching highly allergic foods off the platters, who allowed me to travel approximately 2 feet away before she proceeded to deliver an exceptionally loud [and long] diatribe announcing how I walked past her without saying Hello and how glad she is that she doesn't have to "deal with me" but once a year). And here's where, yet again, I desperately wish that I could think of a clever retort in the moment. But alas, it is not my gifting.

In spite of everything, I found this one thought persitantly making itself heard: whining or complaining was not going to make anything change for the better. I was not in control of the situation, but I certainly controlled my reaction.

And so I attempted to talk about the glass half full. I laughed. I searched high and low for the irony in it all. And I tried to find some lessons in whatever the Crisis-of-the-Day happened to be. (Note: Lesson #1, be sure to say hello to women prone to long and blustery speeches.)

I'd been composing in my head a very thoughtful post about the choice we have to recognize God's hand in things or freak out about them, when I found this Internet Cafe devotion in my Inbox (thanks to Sue, at Praise and Coffee).

I could not write what I had been pondering without being accused of plaguerism by those of you who also enjoy Internet Cafe devotions. I had no choice but to direct you to Sue and simply write, "what she said."


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lori said...

Ain't God good!!:)
I just was stopping by to say Happy New Year and read this...I'm so glad that Sue's post blessed you...we just NEVER know what God's going to do to help us along...

How is that lipstick diva doing??

Happy New Year Rebecca! Here's to Faithing OUT!;)